VK Plastic Company is equipped with complete and synchronous machine systems and equipment through bidding from Japan, Western Europe, USA and some new industrialized countries (NIC). and relatively high automation. This is the state-of- the-art plastic plant in Vietnam. It is the leader of Saigon and the South of Vietnam in terms of technology of producing high quality industrial plastics by standards. international.

VK Plastic has gathered all elements of technology, technology, knowledge and protection of ecological environment to integrate and compete in the market, ensuring sustainable development, long-term stability. Thanks to a team of engineers, technicians, skilled workers, experienced and highly responsible, proficient use of automated processing centers, up to now, VK Plastic has made the goods. Hundreds of high-grade plastics products for industrial and civil purposes, meeting domestic demand for import substitution and rapidly increasing export turnover. All types of products are produced on the system of machines, automatic equipment, advanced technology with imported standard materials and managed in accordance with international standards ISO 9001-2015.